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Floor Graphics
Walk&Wall - the ultimate, one-step solution for indoor floors & walls, as well as sidewalk graphics! Designed for short to medium term, indoor & outdoor applications. Walk&Wall works great on carpet, tile, concrete, wood, stone, metal, glass and painted surfaces. Perfect for tradeshows, retail POP, wall murals, kids rooms, etc . . .

Repositionable, dimensionally stable & durable with textured surface for non-slip surface. 

Durability - Floor applications 1-3 months depending on traffic abuse. 

Installation surface must be clean, dry and above zero degrees. 

Wall Graphics

Rad Graphix Vinyl - for "Fathead" type of removable wall art, Rad Graphix material is

the industry’s leading choice for printable, wall graphic material in its class. It is a tough, durable, polymeric plastic film. Rad Grafix Vinyl is abrasion resistant, and exhibits resistance to oils, chemicals, and some solvents. Rad Grafix Vinyl is an excellent choice for repositionable wall graphics, appliques, Point-of-Purchase

solutions, or temporary outdoor signage.

Rad Grafix Vinyl has a repositionable adhesive that has a clean removability up to one year. It is always suggested to test the adhesion to the wall if the wall has recently been painted.

Up to 1 year under normal interior exposure conditions and applications.

Indoor / Outdoor Signage

MAX-metal™ is an aluminum composite material comprised of two, pre-painted .15mm aluminum panels bonded to a solid polyethylene core. It’s lighter in weight and more durable than both MDO and aluminum, plus it resists scratching and denting better than wood panels. The finish is ready for vinyl, screen print inks, paint, cutting, or routing. 3mm overall thickness

Colors: White, Black, Brushed Silver, Red/Yellow, Green/Blue, Brushed Gold/White, Mirrored Silver/White

*Aluma-board & Dibond are other like brand names.

Window Perf

A perforated window decal is an image or graphic that is printed directly onto perforated, adhesive vinyl material. These decals feature one-way vision, allowing you to see outside the window when in your store but not inside when approaching your store.

We us the Briteline brand. Briteline® Dual Perf 70/30 is a 6-mil black/white composite PVC with approx. 1.7mm perforations and a removable acrylic pressure-sensitive adhesive. This product comes with a multi-purpose release liner which is compatible with UV, Solvent, Eco-Solvent and Latex ink systems. Perforation pattern: Approx. 30% perforated, 70% retained.  Exterior-mount flat window graphics intended for short-term applications (2 years), such as POP, retail and commercial window signage.

Designed for flat windows such as glass doors, store fronts or any other clear flat surface. When paired with a laminate to extend the durability, use an optically clear version such as Briteline® optically clear lamBL-OPT54100/BL-OPT60100. Transparent and removable leaving minimal adhesive on the surface. The longer the graphic is applied, the more adhesive it could potentially leave behind.

*Available in 50/50 (vehicles), 60/40, 65/35, 70/30, 80/20

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